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The top 6 kayak fishing shows for jaw-dropping action

Once you’ve started kayaking, it becomes a permanent part of your lifestyle. You’ll find yourself reading through blogs on the subject, checking up reviews on the latest gear, and of course spend more time watching reels of fishing shows than binging on Netflix. You’ll definitely appreciate the host who travels the world to hunt for the biggest and most challenging catch. Today we will be talking about some of the best shows, their hosts and why you should watch them.

1. The Kayak Fishing Show

Length: 22 minutes/episode

This series is currently on its fifth season and is quite the favorite in most kayak fishing circles. It is hosted by Jim Sammons, the very authority of kayak fishing. His goal is simple, he wants to be able to share the best locations and prove that anything is possible in a kayak. He basically travels the world to provide you with the jaw-dropping action you are looking for. The show features other kayak fishing enthusiasts who aim to hunt for the biggest game fish they can catch. The host Jim Sammons, makes each episode quite informative and somewhat instructional, he teaches his audience his personal techniques to help them land the biggest and most challenging catch they aspire. All episodes come with a tip-of-the-week portion too.

The show is done in various water types in different parts of the world. Get ready for jaw-dropping action! Jim pushes the limits every single time! The only con we can see in this show, is the fact that is more focused on solo kayak fishing compared to tandem kayak fishing and he doesn’t talk about any type, never mind discuss the best tandem fishing kayak. Catch Jim Sammons’ show here, clearly the best fishing show in our list.

2. Field Trips with Robert Field

Length: 25 to 40 minutes/episode

With over 272 videos and 127,000 subscribers on his channel, Robert Field has been documenting his kayaking trips as he travels the world. The main difference between his kayak fishing shows and the other host; Jim Sammons’ one is the whole feel. Robert’s show covers every aspect of the trip in a very straightforward documentary style. You see every single phase from the travel, to the fishing, and even the prepping and cooking! One of the most memorable episodes features a shark in a mussel farm, talk about the biggest and most challenging catch, right? Speaking about challenging game fish, Robert does have a lot of catches to show off.

The main reason why you should watch this fishing show is the fact that it’s entertaining and is shot in the most stunning locations in the world. A downside would be the fact that the filming of candid scenes may not be as stable as shows that were professionally shot. Nonetheless, it’s a great series, and should be on your list. Watch his videos here. If you are looking for a fishing show that hunt for the biggest fish, this channel is a great choice.

3. Kayak Bass Fishing with Chad Hoover

Length: 8 to 30 minutes/episode

Chad Hoover has been filming his adventures since 2011. Since then, he has made almost a thousand videos and currently has 85,000 subscribers on his channel. You can say Chad is definitely the Jim Sammons of the Kayak Bass Fishing world, thus his kayak fishing shows should be a must-see for bass fans. His series are quite versatile, and is quite consistent with the theme. Though his locations are not as widespread across the world as the previous two, the hunt for the biggest catch is still the main goal.

Some of his episodes just features him discussing FAQs or tips and ticks, which can be quite anti-climactic especially if you’ve seen other jaw-dropping pieces in his playlist. Other than that, it’s a great way to learn more about kayak bass fishing. Check out his channel here.

4. Key West Kayak Fishing

Length: 5 to 30 minutes/episode

If you’re looking for jaw-dropping action in stunning locations, without the hassle of far travels; Key West Kayak is the ideal fishing show for you. The host, Steve has been filming since 2015 and has almost a thousand videos uploaded with 122,000 subscribers. Compared to Jim Sammons, Steve takes a more direct approach in his very informative kayak fishing shows. He eliminates all the cheesy montages, and just goes direct to the main content.

His videos are short but precise, which is something we can all appreciate. One thing you can truly appreciate is how versatile his content is, it just doesn’t focus on the fishing aspect but the cooking as well! Steve isn’t in this for the biggest and most challenging game fish, but rather he takes a more practical approach to the sport. To see his work, check his channel out here.

5. 30 Miles Out

Length: 2 to 20 minutes/episodes

Compared to our top three, 30 Miles Out is quite different. For one, Ty and Theresa Southerland don’t only focus on Kayak Fishing. We see a variety of content that really covers different niches, but yes there is lots of content on challenging game fish, and tips on how to get started. The fishing show itself is informative, but one thing is for sure, they are not as well equipped as our friend Jim Sammons. Some episodes are quite dark and shaky but you still get the appreciate the stunning locations. If you’re curious about their fishing show, check out their channel here. Ty travels the world to hunt for the biggest and best catch.

6. Elias V Fishing​

Length: 10 to 25 minutes/episode

Elias Aisberg has definitely made a name for himself in the world of fishing with his channel. He’s been filming since 2009 and has about 345 videos uploaded, with 81,000 subscribers. The very content of his videos are ideal for any kayak fishing shows; with stunning locations, challenging game fish, travels, and jaw-dropping action. You wouldn’t want to miss out. Though travels aren’t a priority here, unlike Jim’s show, there is just so much more to see and enjoy. One of the things you will appreciate the most aside from the crisp video is the fact that Elias is quite the storyteller. You can have the biggest and most challenging game but, it won’t be enough if you can’t narrate well. Check out his channel by clicking here.

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