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Kayak Fishing Rigging: What You Need and How To Do It. A Roundup Of The Best Video Tutorials

One thing people enjoy about fishing is being able to get a great catch! When you’ve been fishing on banks and shorelines, you often wonder what other big prizes could be caught in the big blue yonder. Here’s where kayak fishing rigging really gets you. Imagine being able to get better fish and enjoy the adrenaline of being on open water. Now that’s something you can’t put a price on. In this article, we’re going to do a quick round-up of the BEST tutorials on rigging fishing kayaks to help you prepare for better fish (and more of them!).

The Round-up

Video Length: 10:24 minutes

The Flukemaster sure has given us the complete rundown of rigging. Not only does he cover the basics, he goes as far as teaching how to rig your fishing kayak on an advance level too. From net and rod placements to the handy milk crate, plus other odds and ends that make your fishing experience comfortable and convenient. 

What can really be appreciated in this tutorial are the details and comparisons that will help you make better choices when buying accessories and equipment for your kayak for fishing. One thing that stood out was how much emphasis he puts on the importance of Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) 

"What is the value of your life? A $50 PFD or a $100 PFD?" 

This tutorial is definitely best for those who are just starting with kayak fishing, or those who want to move to the next level and fish for game. The Flukemaster definitely covered both ends of the spectrum.

Video Length: 35:49 minutes

The father and son duo behind Totally Awesome Fishing Show don’t skimp out on the details, that’s for one. If you’re looking for a thorough guide through the whole thing, this is the must-see tutorial for you. In this particular episode, they interview expert kayak fisher; Danny Somerset. 

You can really appreciate how thorough this tutorial is, they cover everything from rod holders to a fish finder and even anchors. Danny truly give a very detailed interview on the things you need, and how to use them. Being able to do kayak fishing rigging properly and maximize the potential of the fishing equipment you have is priceless.

The tutorial may seem long, but is definitely worth the time especially if you have zero knowledge on what fishing on a kayak is like. This video is great for beginners – filled with information and details.

Video Length: 7:18 minutes

Navarre Kayak Fishing’s quick list of must-haves is a good watch for those contemplating getting a kayak and accessorizing with the right and most helpful equipment. Fishing with a kayak isn’t as easy as you’d think it is, not only do you need to chose the best fishing kayak (see here for your best fishing kayak under $1000)  You need the equipment that makes it easier for you to multitask. 

Everything should be positioned in a way that it’s easy for you to reach without losing balance. In this tutorial, you don’t only get the top 10 must-haves, but how these items actually help. The best bit in this video is how they explain that you don’t need to spend much on rod holders! With a DIY rack made out of PVC pipes and a cutting board, you’ve got yourself a simple yet efficient one. 

You can even attach PVC pipes to a milk crate to double its purpose! Making use of everyday materials saves you a lot of time and money, that’s for sure. This video is excellent for those who are just starting out, have bought their first fishing kayak and have no clue about kayak fishing rigging. The video emphasizes how being prepared is more important in this sport than buying top-of-the-line gear.

Video Length: 20:13

Robert Field is one of the go-to people if you’re looking for a credible source of information. Aside from the fact that he is the authority of fishing in a kayak, he is quite detailed in documenting his adventures. Remember fishing with a kayak is very different and it takes a lot of practice to actually master the sport and be ready for rough water. 

Watching Field wade through the water so easily, makes you want to give it a go yourself. For this particular video, he talks about the importance of having the right equipment. He highlights his favorite fishing gear and tells us why they are his top pick. 

He also talks about how he vlogs and what things he needs, to be able to do that efficiently, having the right protective gear for your gadgets like a camera or even a fish finder makes a world of difference. This particular tutorial is great for novice kayak anglers who are thinking of documenting their journey too! Just be sure not to plagiarize content, all rights reserved belong to the original author.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install kayak deck rigging?

When fishing in a sit-in kayak, you’ll notice how different it is compared to a sit-on-top one. In terms of storage spaces and accessibility, you’ll definitely notice the difference. However, if that is your only option, you can follow this video to install your deck with ease!

Here are some tips you may find handy:

  1. Remember to mark your kayak before drilling permanent holes onto it, you would want to be precise after all.
  2. Make sure you are not damaging any important while you’re drilling a hole.
  3. Use waterproof silicone in any of the holes you put, this is to keep water from seeping through.

How do you make a kayak fishing crate?

kayak fishing rigging

Being able to create a secure and spacious storage container is of utmost importance. You can place your gear and even store fish in it. As mentioned earlier, you can definitely start DIY-ing your own fishing crate with the help of a milk crate and some PVC pipes to safe some extra cash, but it will take some of your time. Here are the steps you can follow to make a fishing crate:

1. Gather your supplies and tools and make sure to keep everything you need within arm’s length. This way you don’t waste time.

Supplies You Need:

  • A crate that would fit the deck of your kayak. Be sure to measure everything before proceeding.
  • PVC Pipes that can easily be purchase at your local hardware. Be sure to check if they fit your rods.
  • Zip Ties to secure the PVC pipes
  • Any saw that will allow you to cut through the PVC Pipes.

2. Measure the PVC Pipes and cut them using your saw.

3. Place the pipes on the desired space and secure with zip ties. You must use at least two zip ties to make sure the tubes are not going to be wobbly.

4. You can then customize your crate with baskets, dividers, and other trinkets.

How do you attach something to a kayak?

The secret to attaching things onto your kayak is by using kayak screws. You can easily get these screws at any fishing and game store near you, or better yet order it online at the comfort of your own home.

Using these screws are quite simple, mark where you’d want to attach them. Drill a hole on the kayak, and attach the screws. Don’t forget to secure the nut with a waterproof silicone to make sure water does not get in your kayak. It’s a simple as that.

Where do you mount a kayak rod holder?

Once you have decided which type of rod holder to get, the next thing on your list is to know the right location of where to put it. Remember, this is completely based on your comfort and preference. It’s best to go through the motions as if you were fishing and see the extent of your reach.

You can also opt to use deck mount rod holders. They’re the easiest to install and less of a hassle to adjust to your liking, plus you don’t have drill holes on your boat.


Preparedness is definitely the most important part when it comes to catching fish in open water. All the kayak fishing rigging tutorials and videos we have gathered in this article share a single central theme and it’s about being ready for anything that comes at you. Keep in mind to always put your safety above all.

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