How Much Are Hobie Fishing Kayaks ...and Why You Should Pay Attention

Hobie kayaks started with Hobie Alter, the company founder, who got thing off to a somewhat slow start in his parents garage back in the 1950s. They began manufacturing and distribution in California before opening to the worldwide market. We’re not just talking about kayaks for fishing but various watercraft vehicles, items and accessories too. 

In fact, Hobie is well-known for the high-quality sailboats they produce. With that in mind, you can begin to understand why their kayaks are famous for superior quality. In this particular article, we will be talking about some of Hobie’s fishing kayaks, why they are considered higher quality than most on the market and if they justify the higher price.

The Mirage Pro Angler 14

When you’re first starting out, you would’ve probably settled for some entry-level sit-on-top kayak. As the years pass, and your skills improve you would eventually decide that you need an upgrade from a low-budget fishing kayak to a better and more efficient one. 

Hobie has developed the Mirage Pro series, it si definitely the high-performance kayak you should consider when you’re thinking of an upgrade. If you’ve become a serious angler, this kayak covers all your needs; from stability, comfort to durability. So yes, get yourself that new Hobie kayak!

But before jumping the gun, you may want to know if it is indeed the best fit for you. Let’s take a look at the details.


The Hobie Mirage is one of the well-known fishing kayaks in the market. With its very functional design and features you are sure to appreciate angling even more.

Length: 13 ft 9 inches

Width: 38 inch

Weight: 145 lbs

Capacity: 600 lbs

This massive sit-on-top fishing kayak measures at nearly 14 feet that will definitely make it a lot easier for you to land your dream catch in pretty much any body of water. With a weight capacity of 600 pounds, you can easily load that big fish on your deck with no worries. 

The large deck makes it seem like you’re on a mini boat while you’re in the water. This combination of comfort and stability is what makes this Hobie kayak top-of-the-line, and definitely a worthy buy for any serious fishing hobbyist.

The elevated Vantage ST seating improves visibility while fishing due to its position. It is also quite cozy with its Boa System Lumbar Support, which ensures that you have a great day out in the water even with long hours. In addition, the seat is adjustable to your preference. 

You don’t even have to limit yourself to sitting, as you can confidently stand atop the kayak without worrying about capsizing. The research and development team at Hobie didn’t skimp on the details with this, after all, the best kind of seating is important for this sport.

The Hobie Mirage comes with a MirageDrive 180 pedal-drive system. This particular peddling system was first introduced back in 1997. It features two large fins that efficiently wades through water impeccably. Unlike the older Hobie MirageDrive systems, the MirageDrive 180 allows you to easily shift from forward or reverse with a gear. 

And unlike the propeller-based system, this pedal kayak can be used in shallow waters like sandbars and reefs without fretting about damaging the fins since they kick back upon impact. One thing is for sure, you can finally rest your paddle because once you start with pedal kayaks, it will change your life.

Other Features of the Hobie MPA 14

If you are searching for the best, this kayak will definitely change your fishing experience. Not just because of the obvious benefits, but with the added features as well. Some of these features include:

  • Efficient and abundant storage system; mesh storage pouches that are easy to reach, rear cargo with bungee cords to secure your belongings, under-seat tackle storage and twist-and-seal hatches for storing your fishing gear.
  • Various rails and mounts to accommodate your gadgets like; a fish finder, GoPro, additional rod holders, etc.
  • Horizontal rod storage that can hold up to 4 rods and vertical storage for 2 rods.
  • A retractable rudder system.
  • Rod racks, cup holders, and accessory mounts for canopies or sails.

Check out all the features in this detailed video, click here

How Much Are Hobie Fishing Kayaks ?

how much are Hobie fishing kayaks

Being one of the high-end brands in the market, Hobbies kayak can be pretty steep. So if you’re just starting out, getting an entry-level kayak at a more affordable price should be a better option. But then again, if you want the best of the best, a new Hobie is the answer. 

The price of a pedal kayak from Hobie starts at $3,800. The Mirage in particular costs about $3889, so if you’re thinking of buying one for your next fishing trip – get ready to splurge a bit. If, on the other hand you’re looking for something more affordable you might want to take a look at our nominated best fishing kayak under 1000 here.

How Fast to Hobie Kayaks Go?

With the highly efficient pedal systems installed in each Hobie, you can go at around 2 to 3 miles per hour with casual peddling. Of course to get a more efficient number, you would need to take into consideration the wind, the current, and other factors that affect your movement while you are on the water.

The Hobie MPA 14 can sprint up to 6 miles per hour or maintain a cruising speed about 3 to 3.5 miles per hour. This is of course in fair weather and calm water.

Where are These Kayaks Made?

Hobie was originally founded in California, and is currently manufacturing in Oceanside, California. The Hobie Company then manufactures, distributes and advertises their set of eco-sensitive water vehicles and accessories all over the globe. With new technology, we’re sure to see more innovative designs from this American brand.

From humble beginnings in a garage with balsawood and a drawknife, Hobie applied his love of woodworking to make a brand that would last for decades!


The kayaks Hobie develops are truly top-of-the-line and the Hobie MPA Series are definitely the Rolls Royce of kayak fishing. In an extremely stable, comfortable, and durable kayak, you are equipped with all the necessities you may need for a long and fund day fishing. Let’s not forget, the revolutionary reversible MirageDrive, that has truly changed the way you move.

Search no more, the Hobie MPA 14 is the greatest fishing boat you can find in the market today!

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