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5 Of The Best Tandem Fishing Kayaks Reviewed

Editors Choice

Advanced Elements Convertible Inflatable Kayak

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Eds Choice

Top Pick

Brooklyn Kayak Company TK 219

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Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

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A tandem kayak?!

Yes, you heard me right, a tandem kayak. Fishing with a friend is heaps more enjoyable, plus what good is fishing when you can’t brag about your biggest catch?

In this article, we’ll take you through 5 different tandem kayaks, their features and benefits and talk about which one is the best in terms of quality, and price!

The Best Tandem Fishing Kayak

It was a tough picking the best of the best tandem fishing kayaks, but after much research and input from experts and customers, we finally chose the one we felt had the bes of everything, including value for money.

  1. Our Top Pick: Brooklyn Kayak Company TK219
  2. Editor’s Choice: Advanced Elements Convertible Inflatable Kayak
  3. Best Value: Intex Explorer K2 Kayak
  4. Lifetime Tandem Kayak
  5. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Kayak

BKC TK12.2 Tandem

Our Top Pick: Brooklyn Kayak Company TK219

Key Stats:

Length: 12 ft 2 in

Capacity: 440 lbs

Width: 34 in

Weight: 68 lbs

Price: around $897 check latest here

The Brooklyn Kayak Company (BKC) TK 219 is one of the best sit on top fishing kayaks in the market. Although it’s similar to an Elkton Outdoors Tandem Fishing Kayak in terms of design, we strongly feel that the BKC TK 219 should take the top spot on our list.

Here’s why; It’s long body and wide beam was designed for stability in various kinds of water conditions. It’s equipped with soft and padded seating that truly improves the comfort of your fishing experience. You can sit in this kayak for hours without any complaints! The set includes 2 paddles and paddle holders, as well as waterproof cargo compartments for storage.

It’s also equipped with 4 flush-mounts and 2 adjustable rod holders. The only downside to this kayak is that it’s too unstable to stand on. It might not be the best choice for angler fishers. who want to cast off from a standing position. But one thing is for sure, it is a great value for money, especially considering the quality of material as well as the added features too. In our opinion the Elkton Outdoors kayaks simply can’t match it.

Advanced elements convertable inflatable kayak

Editor’s Choice: Advance Elements Convertible Inflatable Kayak

Key Stats:

Length: 15 ft

Capacity: 550 lbs

Width: 32 in

Weight: 52 lbs

Price: around $594, check latest here

The beauty of the Advanced Elements Kayak lies in its ability to transform based on your need or purpose. If you are a novice kayaker and is looking for a versatile investment, this is the perfect kayak for your fishing needs. You can easily convert this kayak from a tandem fishing kayak to a solo kayak in a matter of minutes.

You can even opt to have an open deck for more space, should you choose so. The kayak itself is pre-assembled, all you need to do is unfold, inflate, and install the seats. The padded seating is quite comfortable and is also adjustable.

It consists of a large storage space as well as numerous tie-downs, definitely a great way to pack your necessities if you plan to fish for a long time. The kayak itself is sturdy but with the added weight and large size, it was not meant for speed. However, you can easily install a trolling motor if you wished. The downside of this kayak is the lack of rod holders and paddles. You need to spend a few more dollars to get a complete set, but frankly, it is a worthy investment in the long run.

Intex explorer k2

Best Value: Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Key Stats:

Length: 10 ft 3 in

Capacity: 400 lbs

Width: 36 in

Weight: 35 lbs

Price: around $90, check latest here

The Intex Explorer K2 is great if you are working on a budget. Any sport fisher would also appreciate its aesthetics with its bright yellow and edgy design. This particular fishing kayak is quite lightweight and easy to assemble, built with heavy duty puncture-resistant vinyl, definitely a good choice for tandem fishing in a lake or calm rivers. 

It is also equipped with a removable skeg that allows directional stability while on the go, excellent for a 2 person fishing trip. The inflatable seats with backrests are easily adjustable and quite comfortable too.

The wide stature of the kayak itself makes it the most stable in our list. In addition to all these feature, this kayak only costs $90! Now that’s quite a steal, considering the set is complete with paddles also, you just need to add on rod holders if you really need them. One flaw this kayak has is that its shape and size makes it quite difficult to maneuver at higher speeds, but then again – you don’t need a fast boat for fishing.

Lifetime 10 Foot Tandem

Lifetime Tandem Kayak

Key Stats:

Length: 10 ft

Capacity: 500 lbs

Width: 36 in

Weight: 75 lbs

Price: around $820, check latest here

The 10 foot Lifetime Tandem fishing kayak is best for beginners because of its large size and hull design. Don’t be deceived by simple look, this kayak is definitely one of the best sit on top models in the market.

It may not have the sleek design of a kayak like the Elkton Outdoors kayak but don’t be decieved, it’s one of the best sit on top models in the market. Ideally, it is a 2 person kayak, but with the adjustable padded seating, and multiple footrest positions, it can hold up to three adults at a time! 

Most dog owners choose this kayak because it is roomy enough to accommodate their furry friends on a fishing trip. It’s quite safe and very stable even for the wriggliest pets. This particular kayak may not be designed to win races but who gives a toss, fishing kayaks don’t need to break speed of light, they do, however need to be stable enough to keep you and your kit upright.

If you do choose this model, you also get a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty and two sport paddles! Definitely one of the best tandem kayaks available, and for a reasonable price.

Devylow Coleman colorado 2 person fishing kayak

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Kayak

Key Stats:

Length: 10 ft 9 in

Capacity: 470 lbs

Width: 39 in

Weight: 41.2 lbs

Price: around $311, check latest here

The Coleman Colorado comes in a moss green color, that gives off a very natural feel when you’re out and about in the wilderness. This tandem fishing kayak, is made with an 18-gauge PVC pipe framing and sealed with a 1,000 D tarpaulin and 840 nylon cover.

It is equipped with mesh storage pockets, adjustable seats, and also carrying handles too! The coleman colorado kayaks are definitely the best choice for any novice sport fisher. You can even install a trolling motor to make your fishing faster and easier. Why is this one of the best tandem fishing kayak? It can go through rough waters better than most kayaks in the market, should there be any damage or punctures, the airtight system guarantees no leaks while you’re out in the water.

The upside is that this inflatable tandem kayak will deflate quickly and fit into almost any trunk, easy and convienient for transporting and no need to buy extra trailors or roof rails.

Comparison Table

Kayak BrandPros Cons
Brooklyn Kayak Company TK219

BKC TK12.2 Tandem

Set comes with two paddles.

Spacious and comfortable.

Multiple storage spaces.

Sleek design.

Not stable for angler fishing.
Advanced Elements Convertible Inflatable Kayak

Advanced elements convertable inflatable kayak

Convertible to solo kayak when needed.

Lots of storage space.

Quite durable.

Not built for speed.

No rod holders and paddle holders.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Intex explorer k2

Very stable due to the wide width.

Extra comfortable and spacious.

Very affordable.

Edgy and sleek design.

Since the kayak is quite large, it is harder to control.
Lifetime Tandem Kayak

Lifetime 10 Foot Tandem

Strong and robust.

Spacious and comfortable.

Easy to maneuver.

Made-up of high quality materials.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Kayak

Devylow Coleman colorado 2 person fishing kayak

Strong and robust.

Extremely comfortable and spacious for 2 people.

Lots of storage space.

Quite bulky.

Rod holders are too big for standard poles.

Seats are uncomfortable.

Frequently Asks Questions:

Before actually jumping the gun and adding one of these babies to the cart, here are a few questions you may have in mind.

Can A Tandem Kayak Be Used By One Person?

When you think of buying a fishing kayak, you need to consider if you will be using it with a partner more often, or not. Simply put, you can use your tandem kayak by yourself, but it will be much more difficult to do so compared to a solo one. There are convertible kayaks, should you need it.

But let’s say you’ve decided to go alone and you already have a tandem kayak, and you can take the back seat of the tandem kayak. It takes more effort to paddle and turn when you are doing this by yourself, as opposed to having someone with you. But, if you choose a tandem kayak that has a movable seat feature, you can manage the weight distribution and make it easier for your to control and paddle.

Is Tandem Kayaking Easier Than Solo Kayaking?

If you are just starting out, it’s best to practice first. The bottomline here is, if you’re a stronger kayaker, going solo’s a breeze. But if you are not as confident, having a partner who is, is much easier. On the other hand people with more experience, may find solo kayaking easier since the boats are simpler to maneuver as they are shorter in size.

At the end of the day, it’s a personal preference. You’d be in a world of trouble if both you and your friend have no experience in kayaking, that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

Are Tandem Kayaks Safe?

Generally speaking, as long the kayak you purchase is of good quality (doesn’t have to be the best tandem fishing kayak or the most expensive), it is safe whether it is a solo or tandem kayak. Most people also agree that when it comes to teaching first-timers, using a tandem kayak is safer than being on two separate ones. Another thing we would like to point out, since a tandem kayak is much larger in size, it is more stable than a solo kayak, thus is much safer to use in larger bodies of water even for a novice paddler.

How Many People Can Fit A Tandem Kayak?

As mentioned, tandem kayaks are much bigger than an ordinary fishing kayak, but this does not mean you can add more people. They are made for two adult paddlers, but some models are adjustable so you have enough space to accommodate a dog or a small child.

Where Should the Heavier Person Sit in a Tandem Kayak?

With basic physics in mind, the heavier person should be seated at the back of the kayak. Think about this, if the heavier person is seated in front, the nose of your kayak is going to be digging into the water. This isn’t ideal and hard to handle. With the heavier person seated at the back, the nose of the kayak is lifted out of the water, and hence easier to steer.

How Do You Kayak with 2 People?

The most efficient way of paddling tandem kayaks is doing so in unison. This way, you can move your kayak more quickly, and you avoid paddles clashing in the process. The stronger paddler should be positioned at the back, and the weaker one should seated be up front, this helps with the pace. From the back, the stronger paddler can modify their strokes to keep the pace or improve it. To turn the kayak without a rudder, you can simply work opposite your partner. The back paddler needs to take a reverse stroke, while the front one needs to take a forward stroke – this is a great way to turn the kayak around in a stationary position.

Can You Install A Trolling Motor to Any Tandem Fishing Kayak?

At some point in time, when you get better at kayaking, you might find yourself looking extra speed. By mounting a trolling motor, you get faster speed and enjoy the experience with less of the workout. But the question is, can you just install one on any sit on top fishing kayak. Most mounting kits fit the best tandem fishing kayaks, but it’s best to consult the seller to find out if it fits your existing fishing kayak. This way, you get what you need.

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