Kayak Fishing

An exhilarating, soulful and primal way to enjoy the outdoors. Here you’ll find information and guides to help you get started on your kayak fishing journey.

Calm confidence on the water starts with the right kit.

Long kayaks are faster. Narrow kayaks are more efficient to paddle. Wide kayaks are more stable. Short kayaks are more maneuverable. So a perfect kayak would be a long, narrow, short, wide kayak…………….physically impossible.

Stop looking for the perfect kayak. Research the heck out of fishing kayaks using our buying guides and chose the one that’s right for you…

Safety On The Water

More important than the tackle you use, more important than the kayak you paddle, is your personal flotation device, or PFD.

It’s inevitable — if you spend any time in a kayak, you will at some point end up in the water.

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