This summer I joined an organization called SASS (Single Action Sport Shooters), which has a Club in Bowling Green KY called the Green River Gunslingers.  For those not familiar with SASS, it is a firearms shooting sport that is an offshoot of Pistol Shooting Competitions.  It seems that a group from a Pistol Shooting Club got bored with the high tech guns, and decided to hold a match using old west six shooters, lever-action rifles, and various shotguns.  They took it a step further and started wearing old western clothing and calling each other by their cowboy nicknames.  In fact, the first thing new SASS members are required to do is to pick out a cowboy nickname, which is then registered so that no two members have the same name.  My alias is "Gutshot Grizz"

The Green River Gunslingers have a really cool setup at the Green River Gun Club that looks like a row of buildings you would find along the main street in any old west town.  Below are some links to assorted videos on YouTube featuring various shooters from the club, and one gives you a tour of the shooting range itself.

This is my very first shooting match.  Its pretty painful to watch now, but at least I had no where to go but up.

This is a video of Yak, the "Captain" of the Gunslingers, shooting a stage where he failed to eject a fired shell from his shotgun before proceeding to his six guns.  Yak said there was so much yelling, he thought he had shot someone.  Luckily not, but he did accrue a penalty for the infraction.

This is one of the fastest shooters in the club, "Big Six Henderson".  He makes it look so easy!

Here's "Just N Range"

"Reno Mustang", "Yak", "Cumberland Drifter", "Let's Go", "Mule Man", "Black Tom", "Dodge City Dixie", "Short Fuse Ruby", "C W Knight"

Green River Gunslingers CAS (Cowboy Action Shooting) Range.

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