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The (Original) SLIDER (for SOTs) - This was the first product introduced by YakDaddy, primarily for Sit-On-Top Kayaks.  It features a 24" long cradle shaped mounting platform that slides a total of 18" on a set of RAILS to let you position your gear exactly where you want it, with one hand.  It is designed to hold a Tackle Box, a pair of Rod holders, and just about anything else you want close at hand.  Up to half of the length of the platform can extend off of the rails when slide all the way forward, allowing you to easily clear the deck when you need the room.  The original SLIDER is available as a BASIC Kit, with just the Slider, or as a DELUXE Kit which includes two RAM-117 Rod Holders and a Flambeau Double Sided Tackle Box that perfectly fits the cradle.

The Mini-SLIDER (for SOTs) - For those who prefer a more minimalist approach...this is the little brother to the original SLIDER, with an 8" long flat mounting base.  It is available in 3 versions:  The BASIC Kit, with an empty base to which you can mount whatever you like; a SCOTTY Kit, which includes a mounted Scotty Rod Holder; or the RAM Kit, which has a RAM-117 Rod holder already bolted to the base.

COMING SOON - The SLIDER COMERE (for Sit-ins) - This is a version of the original SLIDER (cradle platform) primarily designed for Sit-in and Hybrid Kayaks.  Unlike the original SLIDER, on which the platform slides away from you, the COMERE is designed to be pulled toward you, and suspend out over your open cockpit above your lap.  It will suspend out into space a total of 12" past the end of the rails.  When you slide it forward (away from you), the space above your legs (your cockpit opening) will be completely clear.

The RAILS - All of the SLIDER models use the exact same set of RAILS...30 inches long, which mount to your deck with only two bolts.  All RAIL assemblies ship with standard FLUSH Mounts.  FLUSH Mounts are the tubular crossbars at either end of the rails, through which the bolts (included) pass that attach the Rail assembly to your deck.  The FLUSH Mounts (aka Crossbars) fit a majority of the kayaks out there, and can be bolted to decks that are either flat or slightly concave.  For decks that are arched (curved upwards), see the optional STANDOFF Mounts below.

NOTE:  All SLIDERS feature a TRAVEL LOCK that keeps the platform from sliding unless you want it to, and a TRAVEL LIMITER that prevents the platform from moving further than you can reach, or coming off the rails accidentally.

The SLIDER STANDOFF Mount - This is an OPTIONAL Mount for the SLIDER Rails that provide you some options in how you attach your Rails to the deck of your boat.  By itself the STANDOFF Mount raises the rails off of the deck by about 1 1/2 inches.  More importantly, STANDOFF Mounts are available in a variety of bottom contours to fit the curvature of your deck.  Click here for a page with drawings of the curvatures available...print them out, cut them out with scissors and place them across your deck to see which one fits the curve of your deck best.  You may find that you need two different curvatures for the front and rear mounts. 

The SLIDER LIFT Kit - This is an add-on for your STANDOFF Mounts.  They extend the reach of the standoff, thereby raising either the front or back of your rails off the deck up to a total of 5 inches.  The kit includes 4 sets of arms (2", 3", 4" and 5").  By swapping out the arms, and positioning them in different holes along the rails, you can achieve any height you wish up to 5 inches..

YakDaddy JACK NUTS - The are also an add-on for the STANDOFF Mounts above.  A Jack Nut is a 1/4-20 nut incorporated in to a heavy duty PVC coated rivet that you can install in your deck with a special tool we provide.  These eliminate the need to place a washer and nut inside your hull, and are the perfect solution for boats with no hatch access inside the hull, or when the mounting location is too far to reach to install a standard nut and bolt.

The SCRAM Ball - This is a modified 1 1/2" RAM Ball designed to replace the castellated mounting plate (Scotty's term, not mine) on Scotty Rod Holders.  This allows you to use your favorite Scotty Rod Holder on the popular RAM Arm, for the ultimate in flexibility in positioning your holders where you want.

YakDaddy Products are Manufactured by Hand in the USA by P&L Enterprises LLC, Smiths Grove, KY

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