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Everyone who has ever purchased a kayak for fishing comes up against the same dilemma when they go to mount their first Rod Holder or Fish Finder...where to put it?  

Right between your legs seems the most practical place for your gear, but you will quickly find if it is close enough to reach, it will be in the way when paddling or landing a fish, or just getting in and out of the boat.  The SLIDER™ lets you put all of your gear where you really want it, and move it out of the way when you need the space. 

I'm Patrick Price, inventor of YakDaddy® products for Kayak fishermen (and women), and I am proud to introduce the SLIDER System™ for sit-on-top Kayaks...a sliding equipment mount that lets you securely attach your most needed gear within easy reach right between your legs, yet slide it out of the way when you need the space. The SLIDER System is made up of a standard set of RAILS that mount to your boat with two bolts, and various sliding platforms to which you can attach the full line of Scotty* and RAM* mounting products, and countless accessories, without drilling more holes in your kayak.

All SLIDER System models feature a SLIDE-Lock that allows you to release, move and re-lock the sliding platform with one hand.  An adjustable Travel-Limiter insures the platform never comes off the rails accidentally, or slides further forward than you can comfortably reach. Everything is marine tough and built to last in fresh or salt water.  The Rails are universal so you can swap out platforms as you like.  If you use more than one boat, you can buy extra Rails and move your platforms from boat to boat as you wish.  You may never have to drill another hole in your kayak!

The Original SLIDER - As you might guess, this is the first SLIDER System product in the YakDaddy line.  It's sliding platform is shaped like a Cradle that is 24 inches in length and slides more than 18 inches to clear the deck when you need the leg or lap room.  It holds a fair sized tackle box, and is pre-drilled to accept two RAM Ball Mounts (which most users will fit with rod holders).  The sides of the Cradle and Rails are riddled with holes, many spaced to accommodate pad eyes, to allow easy attachment of the fishing tools you use the most, like your knife, fish-lipper, pliers, gear leashes...you name it.  The end of the Cradle nearest you has a convenient and durable foam Hook Keeper to keep stray hooks off your deck.  Your tackle box can be secured with an adjustable Bungee and J-Hook that are reversible for righties or lefties.  The Original SLIDER may be the last gear mount you ever need to buy for your kayak.

The Mini-SLIDER™ has a small flat base with a mounting area 5 inches by 6 inches that will accept pretty much any RAM or Scotty mount available.  Use a Mini-SLIDER to mount a movable Rod Holder, GPS, Fish Finder, Camera, Laptop, Deck Light, Compass, or just about anything else you can imagine.  Better yet, you can place multiple Mini-SLIDERS on the rails at the same time, spaced as you wish.

Check out the SLIDER Owner's Installation Manual here.

If you are looking for Charlie Brewer's Slider Company, click here.  They make a fine assortment of fishing lures.  Except for the coincidental use of the name "Slider", they are not affiliated with YakDaddy in any way.

*These are trademarks of their respective companies.  No endorsement by or for these companies or products is intended.  "YakDaddy" is Registered U.S. Pat & TM Off.  All Rights Are Reserved.

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